About Us

The Feather Farm is dedicated to conservation through the captive propagation of Psittacines. The success of our breeding programs (in excess of 30 years) has established our solid reputation throughout the aviculture industry and the avian community.

Our hands-on experience is reflected in the design and development of our entire line of products including:

  • Pet cages
  • Baby and breeder birds
  • Breeding cages
  • Flight cages
  • State of the art metal nest boxes
  • Breeder feeders
  • Brooders

We are proud to offer our products to aviculturists and caring pet owners alike and we're happy to pass our experience on to you.

If you are in or near Napa Valley, we invite you to visit our facility. Come view our hand fed babies and pet birds, our outdoor breeding project, and our extensive showroom of our avian products.

As an added service we happily offer our customers information on care, breeding and hand feeding. Please view our online catalog of items.

If you find any products of interest orders may be placed online through this website, or if it is more convenient we also accept phone, fax, email and mail orders.