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Parrot Haven Tent

Parrot Haven Tent

Made from Cotton material. lots of great colors. Machine washable.

Large- Measures approx. 14”H x 14”W Recommended for Large Parrots, African Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws

Medium- Measures approx. 12”Hx11”W Recommended for Medium  Parrots, Timneh Greys, Rose breasted cockatoo,  Hahns Macaws, Caiques.

Small- Measures approx. 6 1/2”H x 5 1/2”W Recommended for Finches, Canaries, Parakeets

Petite- Measures approx. 9” H x 8”W Recommended for Cockatiels, Senegals, Conures.


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